EdTech for Microentrepreneurs

our mission:

Capacity building.


We empower micro-entrepreneurs in emerging markets to develop their business.
An EdTech platform designed for the billion low-literate and unskilled entrepreneurs.

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Our Strategy

We work with government agencies, NGOs, CSR programs and other organisations to digitalise existing training programs aimed at micro-entrepreneurs.

We focus on the perfect delivery so that you can focus on the content and scaling it to as many beneficiaries as possible.

We have proof of concept in India and are now looking for more partners in the field.


Our Platform

Prototype microskills website

financial, business & leadership skills

Developing the skills micro-entrepreneurs want and need to develop their business, one step at a time. We work with government agencies, NGOs and academics to know what works best for whom.

custom, interactive & simple experience

According to the user's profile, a custom AI-persona engages in an evolving mentor-mentee conversation. Designed specifically for low literate and excluded populations, it features :

  • Visuals & videos

  • Local dialects

  • Contextual content

  • Behavioural rules of thumbs

always available & always measuring

We offer the convenience that busy micro-entrepreneurs can't do without to learn new skills. Along the way we analyse their progress, measure impact and adapt our solution to their needs and desires

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Rayan Nait Mazi

RAYAN - cofounder & ceo

Expert on learning & motivation
Linking the worlds of tech startups & economic development

Raman picture 1.jpg

Raman - cofounder & CDO

Expert design thinker & product leader
USID Foundation Cofounder & India Design Festival Curator

CTO Microskills

Looking for a cofounder cto

We’re a distributed team!
Contact us at
team@microskills.org :)