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Think of it as Coursera / EdX for the Bottom of the Pyramid and with a practical focus.
Smartphone App

An app to spread best practices

The app is for individuals from the Bottom of the Pyramid and helps them acquire best practices from development work professionals. It is designed to be easily usable and engaging even for the lowest literacy levels, in the user's mother tongue and for those with low-end smartphones and bandwidth.

smartphone app

A rich multimedia experience

Users get the best of what modern design and technology can offer. Courses are taught using various mediums, the experience is gamified and AI-mentor customises the curriculum to the user's own objectives. Recommendations are also made for products and services from vetted organisations that could help users apply what they learn.

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desktop platform

All fuelled by an open platform

All content on the smartphone app is created, maintained and iterated from a desktop platform. We're working on making it as easy to use as possible so that organisations will be able to use it themselves to create their own courses on the app with no technical expertise needed. Of course we're available to do it for you as well.

the desktop platform
Course style guides
Easy to use
Help Center
Multi-lingual interface
Share with the community
Test your work
Advertise your other services
Use your brand
Text to Audio option
Data analysis
Hosting on our servers
Friendly Support
APP features

Effective & engaging user experience

Courses on all useful subjects

Our platform aims to be the one-stop solution for individuals from the Bottom of the Pyramid to learn about any given subject related to their own economic and human development: Covid19 awareness, financial literacy and women's empowerment for example.

Videos, Flashcards and Chatbots

To deliver the right information in the right way, we allow for a variety of pedagogical tools to be assembled to create any given course. This includes short videos, flashcards and even chatbots (with voiceover) designed for ease of use and maximum engagement.

Gamification of the journey

Each course and even the whole learning experience is gamified in order to increase the user's motivation to continue using the application and enjoy using it. Everything is framed within this context, with neat visuals and rewards !

Guidance and nudges by our AI-mentor

Within the application we give each user their own customisable robot mentor persona. Mentors help users determine their own paths towards their objectives ad help guide them along the way. They learn from users behaviour and decisions to create impactful nudges.

Suggestions of external products and services

The app is centered on helping users achieve their objectives towards more economic development and freedom. To this end the AI-mentors help learners connect to vetted third parties who could provide further ressources, products or services that help them put their newly acquired best practices into practice.

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