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Our digital tools and expertise empower your organisation to increase the reach and impact of your programs at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

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For your work with the Bottom of the Pyramid, we can help you with the following

Spreading best practices

Take advantage of an engaging e-learning application fitted to the needs of your target audience.

The Microskills app is designed specifically to deliver development best practices and impactful content to populations from the Bottom of the Pyramid. All types of subjects are available and we can guide your beneficiaries to focus on specific ones at your request. 

If you want to create your own content it's possible too, just click on the "Creating your online course" card above.
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Beautifully Designed

Inclusive of low-literate users

Guidance by our AI-mentor

Creating your online course

Enjoy a powerful e-learning creation platform to deliver your own courses through the smartphone application.

We build an easy to use platform to help you create your own online courses easily, without any technical expertise. They are delivered through the smartphone app directly to individuals who register for your cours, and the format is automatically adapted to the learner's needs such as with low-literate users. We built the best way to deliver educational content to the Bottom of the Pyramid, so that you can focus on creating the best content!

Our team is available to provide help, support and possibly build the online course from your material for you. 
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Create rich and interactive courses

Easy to use, maintain and iterate

Help and support by our experts

Direct Marketing

Tired of complicated and costly channels to market your products and services?

If you provide something which can have a positive impact on individuals from the Bottom of the Pyramid, you can advertise your offering directly to our user base on their own smartphones. It makes sense to provide our users not only knowledge but also the networks, resources and tools to help them bring about their own development.

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Benefit from a large user base

Target relevant persona groups

We help users get in touch with you

“If we can imagine something, there is a good chance that it will happen. If we don't imagine it, there is almost no chance of it happening.”
Muhammad yunus
How it works

One smartphone application.
One creation platform.

All content delivered to learners is done through the smartphone application. All content is created and updated from the desktop creation platform.

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